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Telecommunication Networks

Audit, construction, and design of telecommunication networks

  • Audit of Existing Telecommunication Networks: Conducting audits of current telecommunication networks, preparing reports based on inspection results. Creating structural network diagrams, facades of telecommunication cabinets. Verification for compliance with regulatory and technical documentation requirements.

  • Development of Technical Solutions: Designing solutions for the organization of telecommunication networks based on customer requirements and regulatory technical documentation.

  • Equipment and Material Selection: Selecting equipment and materials for the construction and operation of telecommunication networks, including telecommunication cabinets, switching and channel-forming equipment, uninterruptible power supply systems, and operational and maintenance kits.

  • Design of Telecommunication Networks: Designing cable networks; core, aggregation, and access level switching nodes; points of connection to communication operators; nodes of backbone data transmission; compiling IP addressing tables, VLAN tables, routing tables. Developing project documentation for stages «R» and «P». Conducting project exploration work, collecting data, undergoing project expertise.

  • Equipment and Material Supply: Supplying equipment and materials for the telecommunication network construction according to the customer’s project documentation or developed project documentation.

  • Construction of Telecommunication Networks: Compiling a production work project, formalizing executive and operational documentation.

  • Commissioning of Telecommunication Networks: Commissioning activities for telecommunication networks. Configuring switching and channel-forming equipment, configuring uninterruptible power supply systems for equipment.

  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Maintenance: Providing warranty and post-warranty maintenance services.